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Weider is a US based company with over 70 years of expertise in making nutritional supplements. Their products conform to the high manufacturing and nutritional standards with ingredients that deliver efficacious benefits that the consumer wants. Since its inception, the Weider Family and the brand has developed innovative dietary supplements for bodybuilding, fitness, health and overall wellness.


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Recommended Products

Weider Casein Protein is the best slow release, night time Casein Protein Formula available in India. It provides sustained release of Amino Acids to the body, lowers insulin levels and protects muscles when dieting or after heavy workouts.

Crash Weight Gain initiates a rapid regeneration process, thereby helping your muscles recover faster and making your workout more effective. This product can provide an edge for your workout in the build-up phase.

Weider Hardcore Whey Protein drink formula is enriched in vitamin B6 and gets quickly absorbed into the muscles, meaning that the body receives a high amount of essential amino acids that it needs. Egg protein has been added to it to provide sulphur amino acids.