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Ultimate Protein

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2 LBS / 900 GM
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2 LBS / 900 GM
Rs. 1,690 Rs. 1,43015 % OFF

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2 LBS / 900 GM
Rs. 1,690 Rs. 1,43015 % OFF

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Product Description

Ultimate Protein powder is an extremely effective protein supplement for people doing professional bodybuilding as well as other intense sport disciplines where the need for protein is increased.Protein is the most basic building block substance in our body – it equals 90% of muscle mass. If we do not feed our muscles with adequate supplies of protein to our body, there’s no chance to build up muscle mass. Athletes whose goal is to gain muscles need about 200 – 250g of protein a day, which is very difficult to deliver using only natural food.

Ultimate Protein powder is a perfect way to make up the shortage with best absorbed protein. Adequate proportions of whey concentrate and milk protein guarantees to supply the body with all the necessary amino acids (molecules building the muscle fibres) to the body. Enriched with BCAAs and glutamines this protein is one of the best pre and post workout proteins for advanced bodybuilders. What is Glutamine used for?Glutamine plays a vital role in preventing fatigue and overtraining. As a result of an intense workout your body falls into catabolism that is a state in which your muscle protein begins to break-up. Excessive protein breakdown disables muscle mass gain. Glutamine stops this negative process. This is a so called anti-catabolic activity. Glutamine acts on muscle mass gain by increasing a hydration of muscle cells, which leads to the enlargement of their volume and muscle circumference. This is why Glutamine is so important.What are the benefits of taking a Ultimate Protein?Ultimate Protein is enriched with BCAA which is intended to support gains in effort and energy in all the sport disciplines characterized by considerable intensity.- Enhances muscle gain- Increases power and strength whilst training- Boosts your endurance levels.

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2 lbs / 900 gm


Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate


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