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Product Description

What is the best form of Whey Protein?

Whey Isolate Protein – IsoliteTrec Nutrition have many years of research behind them and although there are a number of isolate protein powders there is nothing quite as good as ISOLITE. Whey Isolate is a currently the best high whey protein powder consisting of 100% rapidly absorbent whey protein in the form of CFM isolate.

This supplement is characterized by its high biological value(BV159) and low levels of fat and sugar. Isolate protein powder is produced by utilizing the patented process of ‘Cross Flow MicroFiltration’. Thanks to this process it contains the optimal amount of exo- and endogenic amino acids including BCAA and glutamine. This Whey Isolate protein is further enriched by AMINOGEN®, a patented system of digestive enzymes (proteolytic), which is best tp speed up the release of the included amino acids and their transportation to the muscles. The rapid absorption rate of this protein and its high biological value allows much more muscle tissue to be built up than in the case of other high protein powders and even some amino acidic supplements. Isolate is a the best protein powder which is easily dissolved in both milk and water (regardless of temperature) thus allowing easy preparation every time. After dissolving, you are left with a delicious, watermelon/wild berry/apple and cinnamon/tropical fruit-flavoured protein drink. Isolate belongs to a specifically designed group of dietary supplements, which are especially created for athletes or people performing intense physical activity. Regular use of Isolate leads to increased body protein synthesis and blocks muscle catabolism, significantly speeding up the body’s regeneration processes. Therefore, Isolate protein is best recommended for body builders attempting to gain more lean muscle mass. It also can be successfully taken during rest periods, and as an excellent supplement during periods of weight loss.


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3.5 lbs / 1.5 kg


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