venkysVenky’s Sports Nutrition, a part of VH Group, aims at providing you incredibly performance based, cutting edge nutritional products based on current scientific research. They are a leading brand in promoting health and fitness by way of introducing Sports Nutritional Supplements like Egg Powder, albumen, whey, mass gainer, iron man. The company is also known by the names Venky India or Venky Nutritions. Buy complete range of Venky’s Nutrition Health Supplements in India online at

Recommended Products

Venky’s Mass Gainer has sucrose that offers immediate energy source, sparing muscle protein throughout your workout thereby offering anti-catabolic effect. Venky’s Mass Gainer has protein that displays anabolic effect and enhances your muscle mass.

Venky’s Iron Man has a “time release” protein formula along with whey isolate that shows anti-catabolic effect when it is needed the most, subsequent to intense workouts. Its pro-anabolic effect is attributed to protracted albumen action. Venky’s Iron Man is a special protein blend that contains GLT and BCAA’s intended for constant muscle nourishment.