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Carbo Max

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Product Description

Carbohydrate Loading for Rapid Weight Gain

Carbo-Max is a 100% pure source of complex carbohydrates derived from natural grain sources. Carbo Maxis ideal for sustaining high levels of energy during intense training sessions, bodybuilding contests, or any endurance activity requiring long-term energy or can be used as an effective way to gain weight.

Key Features

  • 100 % pure source of complex carbohydrates.
  • Instantized for easy mixing
  • Carbo Max is tasteless and can be mixed with juice, water or milk.
  • Very slow burning for long lasting energy.
  • Pure Maltodextrin derived the purest grain source available.

Carbo Max is ideal for gaining lean muscle because complex carbs are protein sparing and do not convert into fat easily.

  • When carbs are ingested, insulin is released to regulate blood-glucose levels.
  • When the insulin is released, it carries the protein, creatine, glutamine and other nutrients into the muscle. This all translates into leaner, bigger and harder muscles.

Those who want to gain weight need to ingest complex carbohydrates along with protein during every meal.

  • Carbs fuel and energize the muscle.
  • Carbo Max is stored as glyco-gene in the muscle & liver.
  • Sustained energy release.
  • Glycogen is broken down to glucose and then to ATP for use able energy.

Complex carbohydrates are easy to assimilate and digest and are therefore the active ingredient in most weight gain powders. By ingesting only pure complex carbohydrates, you ensure that weight gain isaa higher percentage of lean muscle weight by avoiding unnecessary artificial colors, flavors  sugars and fats. A 100 % pure source of complex carbohydrates for sustaining high levels of energy gaining lean muscle weight. Carbo Max is pure Maltodextrin, and when combined with protein, is a very slow burning source of energy. All kinds of athletes can and do use sources of complex carbs for energy.

Scientific research validates that by “carbo-loading” – ingesting significantly more carbohydrates than usual – it’s possible to force the muscle to retain more glycogen, making your muscles bigger, stronger and more capable of sustained and intense activity.

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6 lbs / 2.72 kg


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