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Product Description

Abbott Prosure This nutritional diet supplement is created by Abbot for cancer patients. Their everyday routine somehow gets altered by repercussions of this disease. To avoid fatigue caused by radiation therapy or other symptoms of indigestion Prosure helps build stamina and bringing back patient’s apatite. The weight loss associated with cancer is not due to dietary habit. It is due to metabolic changes occurring in your body and it needs to recover at the same time. Therefore body uses all the energy and the person feels loss of appetite and loses weight faster. Prosure relieves constipation caused by pain medicines given due to chemotherapy. It also prevents diarrhea. It has omega -3 fatty acids. And has 28 minerals and vitamin level which helps fight disease effectively. It has low fat content and does not cause fullness in patients.

Prosure Feature and Benefits It has 1.1 g of EPA in every 240 ml, it provides 300 calories per serving. And Prosure has FOS for the better health of digestive system. It comes in tetra pack and you can drink it easily with a straw. It comes in neutral flavor and can be incorporated with different recipes like cereals, shakes or ice-creams.

Dosage for Prosure One is advised to take two to three servings every day for 2-3 weeks as said by doctors. You should not consume it in one go but rather divide it two to three times a day.

How To Use Prosure:  Do not take it without the prescribed dose suggested by your doctor. Also it is to be taken between meals, do not skip meals with it.

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200 gm, 400 gm


Orange, Vanilla


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